Bruce Tulgan

A Tribute to Don Kirkpatrick

Saying goodbye to Don Kirkpatrick, a friend and colleague—and a true legend of the training profession.

Sticky Notes: The People List

“The People List” is a running list of all the key people with whom you need to be engaged in a one-on-one dialogue right now.

Sticky Notes: One-on-One Time

If you want to develop leaders, teach them to make an abiding commitment to doing what the best leaders (at all levels) do best: the fundamentals. That means consistently engaging every direct report in an ongoing, high-structure, high-substance, one-on-one dialogue.

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

When a manager commits to developing people, that manager is creating an environment people can thrive in. It is that type of environment that makes people commit to a manager and an organization.

Storm Warnings

If you are reading this in North America, chances are you’ve been buffeted by some unusually forceful weather in recent weeks and months. Flooding rains, raging blizzards, gusting winds, and frigid temperatures—extreme weather seems to have become the norm this winter.

Sticky Notes: The Training Investment Paradox

One question business leaders are still asking: “How are we going to get a return on our training investment in people who don’t stay for the long haul?” The question you should be asking: “How are we going to change our approach to training so our investment is not so vulnerable?”

Help Wanted: Non-Technical Skills

When it comes to leadership/management training, we often focus on the points of pain for the business, such as diminished performance, low morale, or higher turnover. But what about the points of pain for the leaders/managers themselves?

Sticky Notes: Help Wanted: Non-Technical Skills

The technical skill shortage, especially among new young workers, is well documented as a problem (and a training industry opportunity). Less well documented is the steadily growing shortage of non-technical skills, especially among new young workers.

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