Bruce Tulgan

Mastering Formal Structured Meetings

Just as people notice when colleagues are especially horrible at running or attending meetings, they also notice people who are great at meetings. Be that person.

Sticky Notes: Welcome to the Collaboration Revolution

Collaboration is teamwork at a much-heightened scope, frequency, and intensity—brought about by technology, globalization, and decades of restructuring and reengineering.

The Virtual Trainer (Part 2)

Bad classroom training doesn’t get better on a Webinar. Here are seven tips for successful delivery of training via Webinar.

Sticky Notes: Practice Extreme Alignment

How to stay aligned with so many more people than ever before—your boss, your direct reports, and your colleagues all over the organization chart.

Align, Align, Align

How you align yourself in terms of decision-making and support—and with whom—is critical.

Beware False Influence

Some of the most common forms of false influence you will encounter in the workplace and how to handle them.

The Virtual Trainer (Part 1)

Transferring face-to-face classroom energy strategies to the virtual environment.

Sticky Notes: Get Back to Basics with Shareable Job Aids

A step-by-step guide to creating a shareable job aid.

Real Influence Is the Holy Grail of the True Go-to Person

The long game of real influence is a generous, other-centered focus that adds value to every interaction.

The Go-To Person’s Credo

Go-to people work smart by professionalizing everything they do, specializing in what they do best, and steadily expanding their repertoire of specialties.

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