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Bryan DiGiorgio
Bryan DiGiorgio is a seasoned entrepreneur and corporate leader with a transformative vision for the future of work. As the Founder and CEO of 1840 & Company, Bryan is revolutionizing the way businesses approach staffing and talent management. His epiphany came after more than a decade in entrepreneurship and corporate leadership; he realized that traditional methods of hiring and resource allocation were not only outdated but also unsustainable in a rapidly evolving global landscape. This led him to establish 1840 & Company, a global business process outsourcing provider that offers vetted, remote talent to growing companies, thereby reducing traditional hiring costs. Before launching 1840 & Company, Bryan was the Founder and CEO of Workspace Communications, a pioneer in cloud-based Microsoft Unified Communication services. His extensive experience in senior leadership roles at companies like Sprint, Vonage, OnStar, and H&R Block has endowed him with a unique skill set in customer operations and global service delivery. Specializing in facilities management, distribution center operations, and customer service, Bryan has a proven track record of driving operational excellence. Bryan attended Northwestern University - Kellogg School of Management, Emporia State University, and Webster University.

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