David McNally

The Influential Leader

Being influential is not about what we learn to do to others but what we learn to be for others—consistently becoming the kind of person others want to follow.

Me First Doesn’t Work

Great leaders, great parents, great partners, great friends, and great organizations all have one thing in common: They are contributors—and a better world is created because of their existence.

Commitment—The Fuel of Success

Life presents itself one day at a time. Commitments, therefore, need to be made in daily bite-sized chunks that can be assimilated without risk of mental indigestion.

Rising Above the Turbulence: A Meditation for the New Year

To meet the aspirations we have for both our personal and professional lives, we must pay attention to our higher selves. In other words, we must be clear about what nourishes our souls, hearts, and minds.

One Day, I’m Gonna!

Have you ever said or thought: “One day, I’m gonna...” And then you think of an experience you would like to have, a place you would like to visit, etc. How long are you willing to live in that vague and nebulous world? When are you going to put a stake in the ground and declare: “I’m gonna!”

Looking in the Wrong Direction

One of the fundamental keys to success in life, however, is personal responsibility. It is the realization that life provides no guarantees—only opportunities.

Your Purpose Matters

Purpose inspires, provides a clear focus for the day, and gives the courage to transcend life’s greatest challenges.

Choose to Be Inspired

The world will not advance and positive change will not happen if we align ourselves to the negative. Give in to the reality but never give up on changing that reality.

Your Company’s Got Talent

Here is a meaningful commitment that can take your team to new level of exceptional performance: Make it a goal to learn something about each person that makes him or her special. Make it a priority to view every individual through a lens that focuses on his or her unique gifts and talents.

Trust: The Foundation of Influence

If someone has earned your trust, he or she has the potential to influence you. You have the potential to influence those who trust you. But without trust, influence is next to impossible.

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