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Dr. James W. Browning, Ph.D.

Dr. James W. Browning, Ph.D.
Dr. James Browning is a recognized authority on leading at the senior level. He is the former faculty, consultant, and Chair of the Department of Strategic Leadership at the prestigious Eisenhower School in Washington, DC overseeing the annual development of more than 300 proven government, military, corporate, and foreign military leaders for the senior level. Previously, he served as the Director of the US Navy’s worldwide leader development programs and created and served as the Chief of the Library of Congress Corporate University. Dr. Browning authored Embracing Senior Leadership: Three Critical Factors Needed to Reach the C-Suite and Thrive and the limited-edition textbook, Leading at the Strategic Level in an Uncertain World. To view white papers, case studies, articles, blogs visit his website at https://browningleadershipinstitute.com/

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