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Moshe D. Pourad and Yosef Ayzencot

Moshe D. Pourad and Yosef Ayzencot
Moshe Pourad, co-founder of 26 Motors, oversees operations from sales, financing, DMV, inventory and more. Moshe understands first-hand the highs and lows of the car industry. Growing up, his father was a wholesale dealer who lost everything during the 2008 recession. After experiencing financial struggles, Moshe took the initiative to help support his family. As a teenager, he started working in the car business alongside his father. From washing cars, he moved up to sales and sold his first car at 15. Moshe’s early experience in the car business allowed him to view the industry from a fresh perspective and he wanted to capitalize on its growth opportunities. After learning the basics and having a small shop of his own, he decided to transform the way people shop for cars. His vision was to create the hottest dealership in New York despite all the doubters who told him it was impossible. Together with Aharon Benhamo and Yosef Ayzencot, they launched 26 Motors and the rest is history. Moshe has since been the backbone of the business, helping expand the brand to multiple locations by working one-on-one with every department in the dealership. Yosef Ayzencot, co-founder of 26 Motors, a New York-based independent pre-owned car dealership, oversees accounting and staff management. An Israeli immigrant, he first came to America on his honeymoon. While visiting New York, family friend Aharon Benhamo, another 26 Motors co-founder, offered him a job. Inspired by Aharon’s father, an Israeli immigrant who came from nothing and became a wealthy, successful businessman, Yosef decided to make New York his new home to pursue this new career opportunity. Although he had an extensive background in accounting, he was brand new to the car business when 26 Motors opened. Driven by his desire to succeed, he learned all the ins and outs of the automotive industry and has since helped the company grow from a single location to eight throughout New York, with plans to open its newest location in Miami soon.

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