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Paul Lawrence Vann
Paul Lawrence Vann is founder and President of Wealth Building Academy, LLC, a leadership consultancy that provides leadership speeches, leadership development workshops, digital leadership courses and books. Vann served over 20 years in the U.S. Air Force (USAF), including twelve consecutive years in the Pentagon working for general officers and DoD executives. He attended every leadership school the USAF had to offer, and he led people and managed billion-dollar resources. Vann retired with the rank of lieutenant colonel from the USAF. He earned an M.S. in Contracts and Acquisition Management from Florida Institute of Technology, an M.A. in Business Management from Central Michigan University, and a B.A. in Business Administration from Shaw University. Vann is the host of Wealth Academy Podcast and leads the YouTube Channel, Leadership Is Influence. Website: www.leadershipisinfluencebook.com

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