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Virtual Presence

Using VR to recreate those moments of camaraderie we are missing out on during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Working Together, Remotely

The collaborative tools and tech market has expanded significantly since so many of us have been working on remote teams. Here are a few old standards that have evolved beautifully, and a few new players worth taking a peek at.

A Safe Distance

How might we navigate around and among each other at work or events while staying a socially distanced six feet apart?

My Brain on Tech: From Zoom Fatigue to Mind Control

How might we deliver training on a device that is brain controlled? What do instructional designers and developers need to learn in order to understand the breakthroughs in this evolving interface?

A Different Way Of Going Mobile

Vans, busses, trucks, and trailers are hitting the road with EdTech experiences.

Engaging, Informing, And Upskilling The Modern Workforce

The applications that most interest me in the workforce digitization space are those that enable guided learning, immersive situations, and employee engagement strategies.

Enabling Accessibility Through Technology

What technologies should we be exploring that will support every learner, including those who can’t see or hear or speak?

Diving Into Virtual Reality With Bobby Carlton

We are seeing VR technology becoming less tethered, notes VRScout’s Bobby Carlton. “There’s a big movement around freeing users—letting them have a full range of motion.”

Learning from EVA

EVA, the enterprise voice assistant, takes notes in meetings, listening for what’s important, and activates it for you and your team.

Embracing The Practice Of Technology Adaptability

Technology adaptability is being willing to try your hand at any and all technology, without fear of failure.

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