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Rick Gillis, the author of Leveling the Paying Field, A Groundbreaking Approach to Achieving Fair Pay, (scheduled for release September 28) offers workers the opportunity to take pay parity into their own hands. This very same information also benefits anyone seeking a new opportunity as it addresses how to professionally compete for, and retain, your next position. After more than twenty years of job search support and career advising, Rick has now created the Quotient Personal Value Calculation process to teach workers (as well as their employers) how to identify and assign value to individual job performance and personal accomplishment in an all-new way. Rick, the creator of this very simple, easy to understand performance metric, will share with you how the Quotient truly does level the ‘paying’ field. Rick Gillis has been in the business of employment since 1997 when as employee #1 he was involved in the highly successful launch of the first local employment website to serve the greater Houston, TX market. Rick is the author of 6 self-published books on job search and personal on-the-job promotion. Leveling the Paying Field, is the sum of Rick Gillis’ varied and colorful career in sales, as a manager, author, speaker, award-winning media host, and now, as an thought leader.

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