Robert Glazer

Robert Glazer is CEO of Boston’s Acceleration Partners and Wall Street Journal/USA Today international bestselling author of four books: “Elevate,” “Friday Forward,” “Performance Partnerships,” and “How to Make Virtual Teams Work.” Glazer successfully shifted his company with 170 employees to all work from home a decade before COVID-19 and was recognized for extraordinary company culture, including #4 on Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work, Ad Age’s Best Places to Work, Entrepreneur’s Top Company Culture, and Inc. Magazine’s Best Places to Work. In addition, Glazer was twice named to Glassdoor’s list of Top Small & Medium Companies CEOs. His weekly company memo, Friday Forward, is now read by more than 300,000 business leaders across 60 countries, which has propelled his LinkedIn Newsletter to #2 in subscriptions (right after Bill Gates).

How to Ensure a Positive Remote Culture

By leaning into core values, leaders can ensure their employees are making the right choices for the right reasons—even when they are out of sight

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