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From Intern to Trainer

How can trainers make corporate internships programs a learning experience, not just for the intern(s), but for employees, too?

Multiple Generations and Office Preferences

How can trainers help company decision-makers learn the work environment preferences of multigenerational employees, and then come up with needed solutions?

Trainers Can Help Explore Digital Workplace Options

Training a workforce to adapt to the new digital age isn’t just about teaching employees how to use new technology. It’s also about teaching executives how best to optimize technology to better lead their workforce.

Do Employees Need Guidance Counselors?

Companies might want to consider turning one or two their HR employees into the professional version of high school guidance counselors—people you can talk to about professional, and maybe even personal, issues affecting your job.

How Can We Best Utilize (and Manage) Older Employees?

Just as you might guide younger employees on how best to comport themselves in business meetings or negotiations, an older employee might need to be educated about technological advancements.

Do You Have a Results-Focused Workplace?

If employees understand that they solely will be judged by the outcome of their labor, rather than the appearance of their labor, there will be a focus shift.

Transforming Training from Chore to Opportunity

When training is turned into an opportunity to showcase an employee’s abilities, you may be surprised how many quiet go-getters you have on the payroll.

Avoiding Clone Workforces

How do you encourage a workforce with differing personalities and work styles, while also ensuring relations between employees are productive and pleasant?

Do (and Should) You Recruit Via Social Media?

What happens when you stumble onto information on social media sites that you’re not legally allowed to ask about during job interviews?

Ongoing Training: Six Ideas

How do you facilitate continuous learning at your company? The key is to get your employees thinking—and keep their minds engaged in finding ways to make things better for your customers or clients.

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