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Employee Loyalty and the Power of Individual Recognition

What is your organization’s system for ensuring individual recognition doesn’t slip through the cracks?

Does Your Workplace Have “Creative Confidence?”

Bringing in more empathy, bringing back data from the front lines, jumping into action—that can lead to more creative confidence.

Is Your Company Ready for Bring Your Parents to Work Day?

What do you think such a day would involve, and what would be the benefit to the company?

Collaboration vs. Privacy in the Workplace

How does your company balance the needs of employees to have a private space in which to think and work with the benefits of collaboration?

How Diverse Are Voices at Your Meetings?

How does your company ensure all voices—not just the loudest—are heard when new ideas are being generated?

Training Managers into Role Models

Is there a way to train managers to model appropriate, considerate behavior to those working under them? What do you do to encourage mannerly managers?

Does Every Department Need a Boss?

Today, many, if not most, companies have been downsized so that departments in which the boss is a participant, rather than just a planner, are much more common. In this kind of arrangement, is it still appropriate and necessary to have one person known as the boss?

Managing Slacker Work Teammates

Do you make accountability easy for work teams, or do you suspect slackers (maybe even the boss!) are going undetected?

Can You Train Painless Sharing of Office Space?

What kinds of office co-habitation workshops or exercises do you provide at your company?

Personality Assessments: How Can You Best Use Them?

Do you use personality assessments at your company? If so, how do you use them effectively, to make the most of employees’ potential?

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