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Coaching for Behavioral Change

By Marshall Goldsmith and Laurence Lyons My mission is to help successful leaders achieve positive, long-term, measurable change in behavior: for themselves, their people, and their teams. When the steps in the coaching process described below are followed, leaders almost always see positive behavioral change—not as judged by themselves, but as judged by preselected, key stakeholders. This process has been used around the world with great success—by both external coaches and internal coaches. Steps in the Leadership Coaching Process

What Is the Experience API?

By Dr. Kristy Murray, Director, ADL Initiative, and Aaron E. Silvers, Community Manager for ADL and a contractor with Problem Solutions

Embracing Social Networking

By Michel Koopman, CEO, Social networking within organizations has risen so quickly it is now standard practice. Smart companies use it to facilitate and encourage the internal exchange and social learning needed to remain competitive and profitable.

SuperCompetent Speaking: Ensuring a Great Introduction

By Laura Stack, MBA, CSP Before you deliver a speech—whether it’s a conference keynote, a presentation to the board of directors, or a sales pitch to a new client—someone else usually will prepare the audience for your appearance. This introduction may be as simple as saying your name before you take the stage or as elaborate as a five-minute narrative with an accompanying video.

Implementing Performance Support Solutions—End User’s Perspective

4 implementation issues and practical advice for resolving them.

Radical Change in a 75-Year-Old Company

By Peter R. Garber

The Future of Training Is Already Here

By Daniel Burrus, Founder and CEO, Burrus Research Over the next five years, training and education won’t just change; it’ll transform. What’s the difference? Changing means continuing to do essentially the same thing, only introducing some variation in degree. Transformation means doing something utterly and radically different. For example, moving our music from cassette tape to CD was simply a change. But going from a CD to having all your music in digital format on your smart phone and with you at all times was a transformation.

Loews Hotels’ Secret to Being a Good Neighbor

By Margery Weinstein Loews Hotels’ Good Neighbor program, recently recognized by Condé Nast, is moving into its third decade as the longest tenured hospitality corporate responsibility program.

7 Steps to Add Mobile Training to Your Distance Learning Strategy

By Brendan Cournoyer, Content Marketing Manager, Brainshark, Inc. With smartphones and tablets having drastically changed the way business professionals consume information, you no longer have to work remotely to be considered “mobile.”

Creating High-Performance Teams

By Bruce Hodes, Founder, CMI Performance within groups typically does not just happen. For a group to really perform well, it needs practice. The group needs to understand the best way to organize itself for performance. This concept is commonly understood by sports teams and the military. They clearly see the need to give groups opportunities to practice. Boot Camps for the military and pre-season workouts for sports teams are the norm.

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