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Agile unemployment with Sabina Sulat

In the Hot Seat: Sabina Sulat on how to overcome the loss of employment and confidently move forward

Effective decision making and building inclusive learning experiences with Brent Snow

In the Hot Seat: Brent Snow on becoming a great decision maker

Talent development the Army way with Shay Potter

In the Hot Seat: Shay Potter on onboarding and training in the Army

Defining and improving culture with Michele Lau

In the Hot Seat: Michele Lau on how you can approach shifting culture

Career development for employees & aspiring managers with Ryan McCrea

In the Hot Seat: Ryan McCrea on how to be a successful leader in modern days

The art of masterful communication with Adam Piandes

In the Hot Seat: Adam Piandes on the 3 pillars of the Art of Masterful Communication

Leveling up the #HRCommunity with Julie Turney

In the Hot Seat: Julie Turney on how you can build community in HR and where to start.

Post-pandemic leadership with Rob Kjar

In the Hot Seat: Rob Kjar on how to handle the wrenches that the pandemic has thrown into the work environment

The top five career development mistakes people make with Paul Carroll

In the Hot Seat: Paul Carroll on what you really need to advance in your career and what to avoid

Career advice for L&D professionals with Sarah Cannistra

In the Hot Seat: Sarah Cannistra on starting a career in L&D and how to carve out your own niche.

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