Conference Highlight: A Multi-Dimensional Learning Experience



Learn the “Secret” to Unification and a Better Workplace

February 9, 2011. Atlanta, GA.– An empowering, unifying, and uplifting experience is what you can expect to be part of what musical motivators, Drum Cafe, kick off a ground-breaking partnership with renowned educational guru, Tony O'Driscoll at TrainingMagazine’s upcoming 2012 Conference & Expo.

On February 13th, international corporate experience and team-building leaders, Drum Cafe, working in unison with Professor O’Driscoll, will open the conference with a performance that will shatter inhibitions and enable everyone to come together and drive human performance to its maximum potential.


“Today the name of the game in business is collaborative co-creation,” says Professor Tony O'Driscoll, general session co-keynote with Drum Cafe. “I can think of no other experience that viscerally conveys what that is all about [besides] one where more than a thousand people create wonderfully nuanced percussive sounds together as they will at Training Expo 2012 with the orchestration of Drum Cafe. Drum Cafe provides the perfect incubation experience through facilitated group drumming to ignite human potential.”


With the heart of the conference focusing on “leveraging human capital to drive business results,” Jo-Ann Radus-Eagles and Alain Eagles, owners of Drum Cafe, will lead the event with an experience that will open everyone up from the start, enabling them to make the most of the idea-inspiring talks, and help awaken the enthusiasm and motivation needed to show others how to enhance human performance. 


“We launched Drum Cafe with one purpose – to bring people together,” explains Radus-Eagles. “We are thrilled to be a part of this event and to team up with Tony. With his insight and thorough understanding of business and humanity, we’ll be able to take what we do one step further.”

What exactly does Drum Cafe “do”? It goes like this: Each participant receives a drum, and with exacting instruction by Drum Cafe’s facilitators, effortlessly – almost magically – transforms into a melodic percussive orchestra. Each experience is unique and cannot easily be described in words. It is “other-worldly”; an experience that one must have to understand its power. And when all is said and done, this experience will foster cohesiveness, purpose, and leadership.


This year, Training Magazine conference participants will have the opportunity to focus on the positive, gain mental momentum, and refresh their enthusiasm for the work place, as well as the world in general. Drum Cafe and Tony O’Driscoll are thrilled to launch this exciting partnership here and anticipate great results.  Through the brilliance of these two forces joined as one, countless people are bound to benefit.