Erin Hoffman

Case Study: The UPS Store/Cal Poly Training

  By Marianne Hamilton,Training and Development Manager, The UPS Store network When the franchisor of The UPS Store decided to grow its business printing services, it knew it needed a training curriculum for its franchisees that was consistent, scalable… and convincing.

New Article: Developing a Drug-Free Workplace

  By Michael Rich Almost 70 percent of drug users are employed, 20 percent admit to using marijuana on the job, and more than 30 percent know of the sale of illegal drugs in the workplace. It is staggering numbers such as these pushing 90 percent of all large businesses to adopt drug-free workplace programs.

New Article: The Right Choice

By Darryl S. Doane; Rose D. Sloat; and David S. Doane, Ph.D. A critical component of my focus may be the right choice. We once heard a story of a farmer who had an old mule. One day, the farmer is out working and hears a distressful wailing that sounds as if something terrible has happened.

Learning: How Change Management Is Done

  By Sue Kennedy, Chris Musselwhite, and Tammie Plouffe, Discovery Learning Inc.          

A Unified Vision for Talent Management

  By Richard Lynell

Your Secret Weapon—Your Scorecard

  By Darren Hardy I’m about to walk you through one of the single greatest strategies I’ve ever used in my personal development. This strategy helps me take control of the choices I make throughout the day, causing everything else to fall into place, and leading to behaviors and actions that shepherd my habits into line like dutiful, loyal minions.

The Battle for Great Talent

  By Judy Braun,VP, Global Talent Development, Heidrick & Struggles

This Week in Training: February 20th—24th

  Everything from new articles on our website to new webinars in our social learning community, get a preview of this week’s activity at Training magazine. Monday The Main Drivers of Employee Engagement: Find this original article on the home page.

New Article: What’s an LMS? Part 2

  By Glenn Drysdale, Training & Organizational Development Manager, Multi-Chem

New Article: Reward in Real Time

  By Robert Vetere When you train a puppy, you say, “Good dog!” and immediately hold out a treat. If you wait too long, you lose your chance to reinforce good behavior. This principle is important to remember when you’re training employees, as well. The best management advice I have to offer: Don’t wait for the end-of-the-year annual review. Instead hand out your treats on the spot.

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