Conference Highlight: E-N-G-A-G-E


Training 2012Conference & Expo speaker Vicki Halsey created ENGAGE, a new six-step model designed to revolutionize traditional workplace learning and teaching. Based on art and science—from Halsey’s thirty-five years of teaching experience to the most recent discoveries in neuroscience—the ENGAGE Model has a core purpose: to design learning that brings out people’s innate brilliance, drives action, and delivers results.

Step 1: Energize learners. To truly engage learners, energize them early and often. From the very start, and even ahead of time, stimulate curiosity, stir up desire, and shine a light on the topic.

ENGAGE Tip:Get learners talking right away with thought-provoking questions. Have people write down their responses on flip charts and refer to them throughout the program.


Step 2: Navigate content. It’s vital to focus less on what you teach and more on how you teach. Challenge and involve learners with interactive activities while addressing their multiple learning styles. This allows every learner to show up in the way that he or she is smart.

ENGAGE Tip:Create a “job aid”—a synthesis of your key concepts on a single sheet or card. As participants move through the learning event, they’ll have a snapshot of all pertinent content.


Step 3: Generate meaning. Learning is a relationship between learners and teachers, and between content and meaning. This step emphasizes relevance and encourages people to turn ahas into action.

ENGAGETip: Break learners into groups and ask them to share their single most important new learning. Have a spokesperson from each group report on the findings.


Step 4: Apply to the real world. Moving from “knowing” to “doing” is critical. Here, people practice what they’ve learned in real-world context while still operating within the safety and support of the learning environment.

ENGAGETip: Working in small groups, have participants pick a situation they might face back on the job. Ask each group to use their new skills to solve the problem and then showcase their process with a report or role-play.


Step 5: Gauge and celebrate. Whether your learning design is one hour or one week, it’s important to have people assess how much they’ve learned so as to deepen the neural connections. It’s also important to celebrate those learnings in fun and interactive ways.

ENGAGE Tip:Circle the room using “3-2-1”—a sure-fire strategy for assessing learning. Ask people three terms they’ve learned, two ideas they want to learn more about, and one concept or skill they think they’ve mastered.


Step 6: Extend learning to action. Several simple strategies can help people act on their intentions and put their new learnings to work, including email reminders, buddy systems, and quick games or contests.

ENGAGE Tip:Host a “Lunch and Learn” series to help learners review and reengage with the content while sharing how they have applied their learnings. The format can be flexible; connect online, in person, or by telephone.


The ENGAGE model sets people and businesses up to succeed by bringing out the brilliance in everyone!

If you attend Vicki Halsey’s presentation at the TRAINING 2012 Conference, you will hear more about the ENGAGE model and also discover Vicki’s 70/30 Principles for workplace learning and teaching—three seismic shifts that transfer the spotlight to the learner, stimulate active (not passive) learning, and transform how (not what) you teach, to truly energize and engage people:

1.        Learners need to do 70 percent of the talking—and 30 percent of the listening.

2.        Teachers need to spend 70 percent of their preparation on how they will teach—and 30 percent on what they will teach.

3.        Learners need to spend 70 percent of their time practicing—and 30 percent of their time being taught.

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About Vicki Halsey

Dr. Victoria Halsey is a dynamic speaker who specializes in increasing learning and leadership potential. As VP of Applied Learning at The Ken Blanchard Companies, Vicki seeks to achieve her mission of inspiring others to claim their greatness by designing large scale leadership and customer service programs for numerous Fortune 500 companies such as Nike, Toyota, Gap, Sony, and Wells Fargo.

Her newest book, Brilliance by Design: Creating Learning Experiences That Connect, Inspire, and ENGAGE, is a blueprint for teaching and learning success.

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