Conference Highlight: Get in with the Crowd: Engaging through Social Media



Training 2012 Conference & Expo speaker Allison DeTitto shows how social media is as easy as Marketing 101.

Did you know you can use basic Marketing 101 principles to promote your social media tools? The same marketing rules apply for catching someone’s attention and interest when it comes to promoting your chosen social media tool to your training audience. Keep the promotional message precise, specific and relevant. Provide a small serving of the content to taste and ask them to come back for more. Be resourceful by marketing your tool using existing platforms that are familiar to your learners. Tell them seven different times, seven different ways – repetition is key to catching people’s attention!

To learn more about promoting your social media platforms, join Allison at her Training 2012 Conference & Expo session, “Get in with the Crowd: Best Practices for Engagement through Social Media”. You will also learn:

  • Guiding principles to help ensure the success of the tools you use in your training programs.
  • How to engage your learners using social media tools before, during and after training.

It’s not too late to register! $150 discount good until February 10th!


About Allison DeTitto

Allison DeTitto is a Training and Change Management professional with experience in the Retail, Broadcasting and Pharmaceutical industries. Allison is currently leading training programs at QVC for capital projects. Allison continually researches and pilots new training technology and concepts, with a specific focus on how to drive the engagement and involvement of her training audience. Her training strategy consistently focuses on how to achieve program goals through a motivated and engaged workforce. Connect with Allison on Twitter at @adetitto.