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Put Your Gameface On!

From business simulations to charades, soccer/tennis, and the opportunity to whack the federal deficit, the games have begun at Henry Schein Dental Business Institute, Major League Soccer, and Brookings Institution. And they’re scoring big with both learners and leadership.

Are You Game For Learning?

Games and simulations give learners a fun, immersive way to learn the same lessons companies used to teach them in a traditional class.

Part 2: Employee Voice: Listen, Analyze, And Act

Tapping into your employees’ collective voice can directly affect your bottom line, improve effectiveness, and boost engagement.

The Roi Of Virtual Training

Virtual training offers organizations the opportunity to save on travel and facilitation costs while enabling employees to learn when and where they want. The question is how to quantify the intangibles to calculate an accurate return on investment.

Mentoring in the Digital Age

Mentoring—a seasoned expert guiding a newbie—is the oldest form of training. But some companies are finding ways to take mentoring to the next level with digital and online technology.

Do’s & Don’ts For MOOCs & SPOCs

Best practices for developing Massive Open Online Courses and Small Private Online Courses.

The Blended Learning Continuum

The “Blended Learning Continuum”—from face-to-face to virtual course delivery—provides a useful tool to demonstrate how trainers can effectively infuse technology tools, including MOOCs, into their classroom.

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