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SunTrust Bank’s PATHways to Higher Education

Edited by Margery Weinstein Results from SunTrust Bank’s “Voice of the Teammate” engagement surveys conducted in 2010 revealed that teammates were seeking higher education opportunities at the company. Specifically, teammates expressed interest in aligning higher education to their careers and in applying higher educational experiences to their jobs at SunTrust. But first, several barriers had to be eliminated, including:

Games & Simulations 2013: 3-D in Action

By Gail Dutton CASE STUDY #1 U.S. Army: Teaching Peacekeepers to ID Social Networks When young peacekeepers enter a village in any of today’s war zones, the societal norms they grew up with often are no longer relevant. Despite the culture shock, they need to quickly build relationships with locals and identify potential friends and foes accurately.

Best Practices: Flipping the Classroom

By Neal Goodman, Ph.D., President, Global Dynamics, Inc. Is it possible to provide the learning and development that usually would take place in a classroom environment and flip it so the content is provided before the class ever meets? The value of classroom instruction is the spontaneity and serendipitous learning that cannot be replicated in an online e-learning classroom. But it is possible to use online tools for their maximum benefit and still retain the value of interpersonal interaction.

The Growth of Learning Analytics

By Stacey Harris, VP, Research and Advisory Services,and David Grebow, Principal Learning Analyst, Brandon Hall Group We are experiencing a revolution—a data revolution. Since the dawn of the computer era, our businesses, organizations, and personal lives increasingly have been directed by data. This data revolution is a result of several forces colliding in today’s business environment:

Becoming a Motivational Machine

By Kathleen Brush, Ph.D. In 2011, Gallup reported that 71 percent of American workers were not engaged in their work and 19 percent were “actively disengaged.” In 2012, Accenture noted that 58 percent of survey respondents were dissatisfied with their jobs. Disengaged, and dissatisfied are euphemisms for workers who are unmotivated or demotivated.

L&D Best Practices: July/August 2013

CAREER DEVELOPMENT By Sean Ramage, AVP, Talent Management, CarMax CarMax is the nation’s largest retailer of used cars. Headquartered in Richmond, VA, we operate more than 120 used car superstores across the country and have sold more than four million cars. CarMax is a member of the Fortune 500 and a TrainingTop 125 winner.

Skills Gap Part 2: Schooled on Skills

Corporate/academic partnerships may be a big part of the solution to the skills gap. The key to success lies in understanding the challenges, choosing the right partners, and measuring effectiveness.

Supercompetent Speaking: Tailoring Your Presentation to Your Audience

By Laura Stack, MBA, CSP One of the most important tenants in speaking is know thy audience. Failure to do your homework can mean failure. At a minimum, your message will be diluted and won’t have the impact it could have. You always will do a much better job when you conduct better research.

Practice, Creativity, Emotion, and the Brain

By Matt Norman, President, Dale Carnegie Training in the North Central U.S. As a professional trainer, I am all too familiar with a common pattern that creates an obstacle to learning and change: Companies train employees on new skills or behaviors. Employees intellectually grasp the new concepts presented during training. They make initial efforts to incorporate the new ideas into their work, but the new practices seem awkward. It takes extra effort to use them. Eventually, they fall back into their old, comfortable habits.

L&D Best Practices: May/June 2013

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT By Jeff Orlando and Karen Eber, Senior Managers, Leadership Development, Deloitte Services LP

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