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5 Critical Skills Needed to Become a Technical Leader

Strong technical leaders take every opportunity to learn from mentors, peers, employees, and industry leaders.

How to Future-Proof Your Workforce By Partnering with Employees

Organizations must focus on human skills to drive better business outcomes and equip their workforce.

GamiCon Throwdown 2023: A Showcase of Excellence in Gamification

The Gamified and Game-Based Learning Project Throwdown was a celebration of innovation and a testament to the power of gamified learning.

2 Themes Helping Define the Future of Professional Development

Training professionals now have an opportunity to reconsider how they might aid learners in achieving their career goals.

Making Mentoring and Coaching Part of Your 2023 Training Plan

Technology-enabled mentoring and coaching can ensure employees reach their greatest potential and productivity.

Optimize Your Workforce with Training and Automation

In an increasingly tech-driven world with new complexities from a hybrid workforce, automation will be an inevitable competitive advantage.

How Much Should AI Use in the Workplace Be Regulated?

AI has the potential to make all our lives easier, but to ensure the technology improves how employees work and relate to each other and customers, organizations will need a deliberate approach.

Business Benefits of Training Employees on Industry Skills

There is always something new to learn or a habit to improve, so employee training shouldn’t end with onboarding.

AI’S Real Role In L&D

Best practices—and caveats—for using artificial intelligence tools in training.

Incorporating AI into Work

Top tasks workers want to see automated by artificial intelligence.

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