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Training Top 125 Best Practice: Inclusion & Diversity Employee Resource Groups at Eaton

Eaton Resource Groups (ERGs) provide a new mechanism for people to connect globally and regionally to access shared resources, collaborate online via blogs, and partner and learn together via formal in-person and virtual events.

Workplace Predictions for 2017

Expect greater focus this year on diversity, change leadership, and the role of conversation.

Win Together, Lose Apart

How to ensure global team success.

Enhancing Global Virtual Teams Through Training

A model using three Ps—Purpose, People, and Process—with Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) as the overall framework, provides a common language for teams to discuss their strengths and challenges, and to self-diagnose problems.

Does Your Company Need a Post-Election Women’s Leadership Conversation?

It’s time to listen to the concerns of your female and minority employees, and create a true meritocracy in which the most qualified and experienced people rise.

The Secrets Of Thiagi, Master Of Creativity

Master trainer Sivasailam Thiagarajan, a.k.a., Thiagi, challenges learning processes with creative, thought-provoking games that rewrite the way we learn.

Gender Parity in Business Leadership: Is Change Happening Fast Enough?

When respondents to Brandon Hall Group’s 2016 Women in Leadership Study were asked to rate their organizations on gender parity, 12 percent said they had an equal number of men and women in C-level positions.

Managing Diversity: 10 Steps to Multicultural Team Success

Without the necessary organizational framework, intercultural training, and support, diverse teams will have difficulties becoming cohesive, innovative, and productive units.

Reason #5 Why Your Diversity Initiative Is Doomed: You’ve Hired an Inadequate External Training...

You need to give a commitment to diversity and inclusion (D&I) training the same scrutiny and insistence on fit, quality, and value that you would give to any other key strategic priority.

Training Top 125 Best Practice: Leadership Certification at Total Quality Logistics

In utilizing employees who have completed the Sales Leadership Program (SLP) and Leadership Development Program (LDP) certifications, freight brokerage firm Total Quality Logistics (TQL) has seen a 52 percent increase in new satellite office openings in 2015, and an estimated 2016 increase of 75 percent.

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