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Tech Talk (January 2024)

Find out about the latest advances in training technology.

New Training Partnerships and Alliances (January 2024)

The latest training industry mergers, acquisitions, partnerships, and more.
a woman and man using technology to make work easier.

Combating Burnout with Technology: Using AI to Promote Employee Well-Being

Learn how AI can help leaders prevent burnout, build their ideal company culture, and acknowledge potential pitfalls with implementing AI in the workplace.

Beyond Binary: Unleashing AI’s Potential for Transformative DEI Training

Through mindful integration, AI can enrich training design and reduce production timelines, enabling DEI teams to unlock learning experiences.

Leading in the Digital Age

Digital transformation needs digital leaders who display humility and have an open mindset enables them to embrace the world as it is.

What Are the Big Workplace Technologies for 2024?

From digital AI assistants to one-on-one videoconferencing booths, 2024 will see the emergence of lots of new workplace tech.

Can AI Be Used to Personalize Employee Learning and Development?

Artificial intelligence has the potential to improve and revolutionize the educational system significantly.

Why Reskilling and Upskilling are Essential to Keep Pace with Emerging Technologies

Find out how Tavant emerged in 2023 with a more prepared and skilled workforce by committing to a comprehensive reskilling, upskilling, and cross-skilling program.

AI Voices vs. Voice Actors for Training

Pros and cons to consider for both when making a decision in today’s ever-changing landscape.

Is Your Manufacturing Team Ready for Smart Operations?

Use training and change management to better prepare teams for a digitized manufacturing future.

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