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Gaining insights from this pandemic to prepare for the future of work

The COVID-19 pandemic has left so much disruption to our day to day lives, both personally and professionally.

Entrepreneurial leadership

We have no shortage of visionaries, of people who come up with genius ideas and start innovating, but what we need most now are leaders who don’t just light fires but know how to spread them.

Talent Development Virtual Summit - September 14-18, 2020

No Going Back! Best Practices for Engaging and Developing Your People in a Virtual and Volatile World - 30 world-class speakers and more!

Learning from a distance during COVID-19

For most companies, even those with some kind of a system already in place, the COVID-19 crisis accelerated the shift to virtual learning programs in the talent development sphere.

Employee engagement in the time of COVID-19

In the age of COVID-19, even though offices have been forced to close down resulting in everyone having to work from home, everyone in your organization can continue to grow and develop.

Learning ecosystems for executives during the COVID-19 pandemic

A business that succeeds is a business that continues to learn. This is one of the many reasons why talent development is important—it helps people within a business to develop their skills and competencies.

Effective leadership through the power of influence

Brilliant ideas abound, but only a small fraction of them gets to be heard. Innovation and change come about as products of the power of influence.

Sustaining employee growth

In many companies, employees are neglected so much that employee growth is virtually nonexistent, and that creates its own set of big problems. In an environment where employees are not encouraged to grow, stagnation permeates the atmosphere and ensures that you won't be able to get where you need to go anytime soon.

Digital learning in the flow of work

There has always been a move towards digital learning, but none as urgent and significant as what is happening today.

Streamlining executive coaching and professional development

Coaching and development used to be the privilege of the upper management echelons.

The costs of marketing and building brands often force independent executive coaches to offer their services for exorbitant rates. With Pluma, however, coaching becomes more accessible to junior managers and other people who had never access to it before.


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