Sticky Notes: Get Back to Basics with Shareable Job Aids

A step-by-step guide to creating a shareable job aid.

Sometimes old-fashioned technology is the best technology. Here’s how to create a shareable job aid:

  • Write out step-by-step instructions for the task. Break each task into its component steps and break each step into a series of concrete actions.
  • Perform the task slowly, keeping one eye on the instructions you prepared. Make corrections and additions to your instructions as needed.
  • Perform the task again slowly, and make further corrections and additions. Include as many details on each step—and in between each step—as you can think of.
  • Write a new draft of the instructions in the form of a checklist.
  • Ask someone else to try using your checklist. Get their suggestions for further corrections and additions.
  • Use this checklist to guide you in completing your task and also for making notes along the way. Remember to actually check off each item on the checklist as you go along.

The same goes for work products: Every time you complete a tangible result, capture that work product and keep it in a library of work products that later can be repurposed—by you and others.

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