Training APEX Awards Best Practice: Cavco Industries, Inc.’s Master of Craft Program

The program provides a comprehensive curriculum that encompasses technical training, hands-on experiences, leadership development, and cross-functional exposure.

APEX Awards

Cavco Industries, Inc.’s Master of Craft Program aims to elevate employee expertise and leadership across various roles within the organization’s manufacturing plants. The program focuses on enhancing technical skills, promoting cross-functional collaboration, and establishing a structured pathway for career progression. By fostering mastery of key skills and enabling employees to move fluidly between roles, the program seeks to enhance operational efficiency, product quality, and employee engagement.

Program Details

The Master of Craft Program offers a dual developmental path, catering to both entry-level employees seeking to advance and experienced employees aspiring to leadership roles. The program provides a comprehensive curriculum that encompasses technical training, hands-on experiences, leadership development, and cross-functional exposure. Participants progress through various levels of expertise, acquiring mastery in technical skills, problem solving, and leadership capabilities. The program utilizes a combination of on-the-job training, mentorship, and real-world projects to equip employees with a well-rounded skill set.

The Master of Craft Program’s integration of technical training with leadership development ensures that employees not only excel in their roles but also gain the skills needed to lead teams effectively. The program’s emphasis on cross-functional exposure and hands-on experiences empowers participants to understand the holistic operations of the organization. The multi-level structure, “pay-for-performance” incentive system, and focus on mentorship create a framework that supports continuous learning and professional growth.

The Master of Craft Program reinforces learning through regular feedback sessions, peer collaboration, and targeted skill enhancement workshops. Participants receive ongoing mentorship and support from experienced leaders who guide them through challenges and opportunities. Program graduates continue to engage in skill-building initiatives, contribute to knowledge sharing, and inspire the next generation of employees through mentorship.


Graduates of the Master of Craft Program exhibit increased ownership and problem-solving aptitude, and a proactive approach to driving positive change within their teams. They demonstrate an estimated 20 percent improvement in product quality due to enhanced technical skills and process understanding. The program’s focus on leadership development and cross-functional exposure has led to an estimated 15 percent increase in collaboration across departments, resulting in streamlined operations and reduced bottlenecks.

Edited by Lorri Freifeld
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