Training APEX Awards Best Practice: Proactive Leadership at One Nevada Credit Union

The year-long series of management classes covers 14 different managerial topics and is facilitated in person.

APEX Awards

One Nevada Federal Credit Union’s Proactive Leadership Program is a year-long series of management classes tailor-made for newly appointed managers and employees who exhibit potential for leadership.

Program Details

The nomination process for the Proactive Leadership Program involves a formal conversation between the employee and their manager, during which the employee answers 10 essay-style questions. This process helps the current manager assess the nominee’s willingness and eagerness to participate in the program.

All classes are facilitated in person. Encompassing a wide range of skills, the Proactive Leadership Program covers 14 different managerial topics, including Proactive Beginnings, Leadership Styles, Coaching Employees, Performance Appraisals, Employment Law, Banking Fraud and Security, Mentoring, Lawful Interviewing, Handling Complaints, Effective Communication, Corrective Action, Marketing, and Financial Statements.

All participants deliver a 15-minute motivational speech at One Nevada’s monthly Commitment to Service meeting. This meeting is attended by approximately 40 people, including all senior team members. Every Proactive Leadership classmate is paired with a speech coach who offers tips and techniques. The coach is a recent program graduate who volunteers to “pay it forward” by helping their peers through this potentially nerve-wracking experience. Each speech covers a different motivational topic, such as teamwork, internal service, contagious attitudes, and company culture. Each individual is assigned a particular topic to make it relevant to their job title.

An anonymous survey is conducted after each class to gather honest and sincere feedback. The senior leadership team attends the graduation ceremony, where employees are honored, and their achievements are celebrated by their peers, supervisors, and guest speakers.

After completing the Proactive Leadership Program, attendees receive short-term reinforcement from their supervisors. This typically involves revisiting the original nomination essay questions and discussing the year’s education and advancement. Additionally, supervisors may assign managerial duties to the graduates and discuss managerial mindsets while addressing day-to-day situations.

Upon completing the program, graduates receive ongoing support from their supervisor and ONCUniversity. Each graduate is assigned specific online managerial courses based on their needs and requirements. These courses are accessible through the credit union’s extensive library within its learning management system (LMS). Graduates also are given the opportunity to participate in decision-making committees.


Leadership is critical in shaping One Nevada’s culture and driving business results. Last year, the credit union achieved its net income goal, along with all six of its “CARVIC” strategic priority goals that focus on metrics related to checking accounts, auto loans, residential loans, Visa credit cards, insurance income, and commercial real estate loans.

Edited by Lorri Freifeld
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