Training APEX Awards Best Practice: TSI’s Talent and Skills Institute Leadership Capability Academy

The foundation of the academy is a suite of proprietary self-guided leadership courses that feature knowledge and best practices contributed by TSI’s most successful leaders and subject matter experts.

APEX Awards

Transworld Systems Incorporated’s (TSI) Talent and Skills Institute Leadership Capability Academy is a virtual place where leaders and emerging leaders can go to define their career path, advance their job-related capabilities, and share their expertise. It goes beyond technical and functional skills, and focuses on the business capabilities and strong skills that are imperative for leaders to thrive.

Program Details

The core content of the Talent and Skills Institute Leadership Capability Academy is delivered to leaders (at a supervisor level and above) and emerging leaders (all employees can be eligible to become an emerging leader). Each topic within the Academy comes with guided activities and conversation guides to assist leaders with bringing the content to all employees across the organization.

The foundation of the academy is a suite of proprietary self-guided leadership courses that are carefully curated for TSI’s diverse leadership audience. Each course within the Academy addresses a topic selected by TSI’s leadership learners and features knowledge and best practices contributed by TSI’s most successful leaders and subject matter experts. Such expert-generated learning ensures that course objectives are customized to the present and future needs of TSI’s leaders.

Course topics include:

  • Inspiring Wellness in Your Team
  • Managing a Remote Team
  • Cultivating a Culture of Coaching
  • Time-Management in a Time-Sensitive Business
  • Leading with Excitement Through Change
  • Driving Performance and Ownership

The Talent and Skills Institute’s Collaborative Workshops provide leaders from all entities with an opportunity for a global peer-to-peer learning experience. Although these workshops are hosted by members of the Talent Development, Training Team, each quarterly workshop has the theme of a particular leadership capability, and every workshop is held with the goal of inspiring spontaneous interactions and knowledge-sharing between leaders from divergent parts of the global organization. At the end of each workshop, participants are presented with asynchronous resources that reinforce the topics discussed, as well as suggested takeaways for immediate value.

The Talent and Skills Institute’s dedicated leadership portal on The Source of Information provides leaders across the organization with a place to go for an ever-evolving suite of resources aimed to build leadership capabilities. Resources include reinforcement materials on each quarter’s featured capabilities, including proprietary white pages, as well as links to external seminars, articles, and case studies. The Activity Playbook offers activities and takeaways to help leaders bring the topics learned to their teams, expanding the Academy’s audience to all TSI employees.

One of the challenges the Talent Development, Training team faced was finding a way to unite leaders around the globe, often working remotely and outside of a group environment. Without a unified office environment, the Talent Development team sought to create a place where learners could experience organic interactions with their colleagues. The solution to this challenge was found in the Leadership LaunchPad social learning site.

The is a virtual space for leaders to gather together to share skills, resources, and best practices, and to discuss current events that impact the organization and industry. These features and functions include:

  • A moderated peer-to-peer file-sharing portal
  • Blog posts written by TSI’s leaders
  • Discussion groups on a variety of leadership skills and topics
  • The ability to like, share, and follow other leaders within the organization

The Talent and Skills Institute’s SourceTube also hosts internally developed, prerecorded videos featuring guest speakers in an engaging TED Talk format. These videos can be accessed at any time during the learner’s tenure and are updated monthly.


The first topics delivered in the Leadership Capability Academy were Managing a Remote Team and Cultivating a Culture of Coaching. After leaders across the organization completed these topics, senior leaders reported a 33 percent increase in coaching conversations facilitated by leaders of remote teams. In addition, 76 percent of non-entry-level job openings at TSI were filled by internal candidates in 2022.

Edited by Lorri Freifeld
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