Training magazine Announces 2017 TTV Winners

“Mneumonic Nmagic” by VitalSmarts took the #1 spot in the in-house category, and “Game Show” by Resonate Pictures nabbed #1 in the category of videos produced by a professional video company for a client.

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Lorri Freifeld

Editor-in-Chief, Training magazine

New Orleans, LA (October 2, 2017)—Talk about starting an event on a high note: In a Second Line Parade headed by Grand Marshal Jane Bozarth and the Grammy-nominated Hot 8 Brass Band, the trainers came marching in from the Hilton New Orleans Riverside to Training magazine’s Top Training Videos (TTVs) awards ceremony held September 25 at The Howlin’ Wolf.

The good times certainly rolled for participants of Training’s 2017 Online Learning Conference. At the TTV awards ceremony, they enjoyed some Cajun cooking and live music before choosing their favorite TTV clips.

This is Training’s fourth year doing the TTV awards program. Companies were asked to send in a two-minute video clip of one of their training programs. Entries were in one of two categories: produced in-house or produced by a professional video company for a client. Each company could submit two videos. Training received 70 video clips. Three Emerging Training Leaders, along with four additional industry experts, judged the submissions:

  • Maria Gomez, formerly of Novo Nordisk
  • Melissa King of DPR Construction
  • Christine Purchell of Duke Clinical Research Institute
  • Heather Cross, Gary Giurbino, Will Hsiao, and Sherri Schachter of Google
  • James Goldsmith of Accenture

The three videos that earned the top scores in each category—in-house and vendor-produced—were shown to Online Learning Conference participants at the awards ceremony. Participants voted for their favorite clips (based on factors such as engagement, creativity, and effectiveness) using the UMU app on their smartphones or tablets. Each of the three winners in both categories received crystal awards created by Pelucida for Training.

The Top 3 2017 TTV winners by category are:


#1: Mneumonic Nmagic by VitalSmarts

Results: Multiple cohorts of test learners who viewed this video in the context of the “Organize” training module rated the module an average 6.4 out of 7 in response to the questions related to the importance and value of the topic, the helpfulness of the content, and the likeliness of recommending and applying the principles taught.

Judge comments:

  • “Very creative and impactful for a ho-hum topic.”
  • “Entertaining and well produced. The non-mnemonic actors could have easily over-reacted in this segment, but they remained low-key, which made this situation even more humorous. Nice job.”


#2: Celebrate! Change Your Lens, Change Your Life by Star Thrower Distribution

Results: Success is measured by the number of programs licensed to clients. This program is consistently one of Star Thrower’s best performers.

Judge comments:

  • Beautifully produced and great message.


#3: USAA Ethics—Personal Relationships by United States Automobile Association (USAA)

Results: For the second year in a row, USAA was recognized by the Ethisphere Institute as one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies.

Judge comments:

  • “This was really creative! Took a dull compliance topic, used a creative theme, and had some fun with it. I chuckled out loud. Definitely a budget look, but they pulled it off.”
  • “Very clever using this detective genre for the video. I liked that it was in black and white. I enjoyed the story—it kept me interested.”
  • “A good example of a way to produce a great video with a minimal budget. Good work!”



#1: Game Show by Resonate Pictures

Results: The video had a 96 percent open rate, and inquiries about clarifications for taking time off increased following its release.

Judge comments:

  • “I liked the overall flow and feel of the video, as well as its sense of humor.”
  • “Fun and lively—I wanted to watch even more!”
  • “Great use of humor, simple one-point-per-video approach, short and concise, great storytelling. Love it.”


#2: Compensation Conversation by Cohn Creative Group for Procter & Gamble

Results: Feedback on the video was almost uniformly positive, and managers found it was helpful in preparing for their conversations.

Judge comments:

  • “I loved this video and didn’t want it to end! Very fun way to talk about a tricky subject—it made me empathize with both the employee and the manager and remember the key points.”
  • “Great video. The voiceover and on-camera talent was great. I was engaged. It hit the right note of humor and delivered it successfully without being corny. I’d love to see the rest of the story. Well done!”
  • “Use of humor made the video very engaging. I found I really wanted to hear from the actors, to actually see the scenario play out. Overall, nice job!”

LINK: Password: Ttv

#3: Approaching Others by IronMule Creative for BNSF Railway

Results: Following the completion of the program delivery, BNSF saw total injuries decrease by 17 percent, resulting in 183 more employees returning home safely.

Judge comments:

  • “A testimonial-type video with solid production values, a strong emotional message, and (per the abstract) impressive results.”
  • “This is a thoughtful video production. It included people, great on-screen notes, and inspiring music that keep you engaged.”
  • “Very human and engaging. Makes a somewhat boring topic approachable.”

LINK: Password: BNSF


In the interest of sharing best practices, Training asked all submitting companies if we could post the links to their videos so readers could see the innovative things they are doing with training videos. In alphabetical order by company, here are the links to the video clips applicants granted permission to post:


Life of an Rx Acquisition

Optum Rx



A Day in the Life of a GSAP New Hire

Dell EMC Education Services


Part Martian



How Was Your Day: Getting Real about Bias, Inclusion, Harassment, & Bullying

Media Partners


Transition to the Service KPI Index

Nissan North America


Maintaining Professional Boundaries—Introduction and Transgressions

Providence Health & Services


Desert Tortoise Awareness and Protection (Southern California Edison)

Training Systems Design


Workday Human Capital Management (Gilead Sciences)

Training Systems Design


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