Alaine Carello

Alaine Carrello is a senior trainer in Learning and Development at Verizon. She has been with Verizon Wireless for more than 20 years and has been in the Learning and Development organization since 2010. Carrello is a Summa Cum Laude graduate of Bellevue University with a Bachelor’s degree in Adult Education. Creative writing is her passion and she recently published her first book.

When Your Future Looks Bleak, Revisit Your Past

We are faced with asking ourselves: How do we get re-motivated and regain the drive and determination to feel good about our work and personal lives again?

Ready, Set, Engage!

If leaders really want to drive behaviors and get their team on board, they have to show their passion about learning, commit to driving accountability for that learning, and engage!

The Human Touch

If you are dealing with people on any level, customers or co-workers, you must have the skills or at least learn the skills to interact with them. When we take the human element out of training, we lose that connection we desire as people.

It Takes a Village

Management and Training need to work together, particularly as new generations begin to penetrate the workforce. We need to strategize together to ensure we churn out a top-notch workforce to service our customers while aligning with the company brand we have worked hard to build.

Moving the Needle: How to “Not” Fight Resistance Toward Training

Whether you are a trainer or a stakeholder, you both possess areas of expertise. And whether there are times we agree or disagree, the bottom line is that we need each other, and our learners need us.

Consulting Is a Conversation

Why do many L&D professionals not see themselves as consultants? You need to be the catalyst of your own expertise.

Bring Technology Into The Classroom

With the proper balance, technology can help keep learners engaged in training and ultimately retain what they have learned.

You Can’t Have the STEM Without the SOIL

While skills in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics can help students obtain jobs in the technology field after college, educators also need to help them focus on stimulation, opportunities, inquisitiveness, and long-term goals.

Where, Oh, Where, Has My Memory Gone?

I realized the reason I could not memorize the way I used to is because I am not a child any longer. My brain as a child was looking to soak up information, but as an adult, my sponge has been wrung out.

Learn and Lead

The workforce is a volatile place and if you can’t take the time to glean the knowledge needed to stay relevant, that workforce will find someone else to do it.

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