Ashley Prisant Lesko

Front-Line Management 101: Fostering Talent Engagement

Talent Engagement is maximizing your employees’ talent, skills, or abilities (what they love to do) for the good of the company—and as a result, for themselves.

Front-Line Management 101: Rock Stars vs. Super Stars

Even though most Super Stars know how important they are to their organization, they never use it against the company. Rock Stars, on the other hand, know their knowledge is vital, and they use it to their advantage as much as possible.

Front-Line Management 101: Don’t Forget Who You Are Leading

When the chips are down, it’s easy to focus on your own problems, and forget those around you. But  you have to find a way to put your team first.

Front-Line Management 101: What’s Your 80/20?

This year, focus on those who are helping carry your team’s goals forward. Find ways to let go of the 20 percent who AREN’T spending time on you and your objectives and/or your team’s goals.

Front-Line Management 101: Just Go for It!

Trust yourself. Trust your instinct. You’re a lot better than you think!

Leadership Lessons from Jon Bon Jovi: The 9/10 Rule

For musician Jon Bon Jovi, “Success is falling down 9 times and getting up 10.”

Front-Line Management 101: Concrete Shoes Never Leave the Path

If you never step out of your comfort zone, you’re not supporting your team by being the leader they need you to be.

Front-Line Management 101: A Leadership Checkup

When was the last time you had a checkup for your leadership abilities— your raw skills as a leader? Here are five key elements you should look at.

Front-Line Management 101: 2018 Leader Resolution #2: Trust AND Verify

As a manager, it can be hard to trust your people. You may feel you can accomplish tasks faster and/or better. Instead, you need to lead…and develop your team.

Front-Line Management 101: 2018 Leader Resolution #1: Ease Up on E-mail

On average, we send approximately 206 billion e-mails daily, according to blogger Kenneth Burke. How can you get a few minutes back in your day—and share them as much-needed time with your team?

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