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Brent Keltner, P.h.D.

Brent Keltner, Ph.D. is founder and President of Winalytics LLC, a go-to-market and sales acceleration consultancy. Winalytics helps clients reach their top growth potential by shifting from product-driven selling to authentic conversations that anchor on buyer-defined value. Brent began his career as a Ph.D. social scientist and spent 10 years at Stanford University and the RAND Corporation. It was at RAND where he learned how to structure qualitative research interviews as authentic conversations that yielded higher engagement and deeper insights. His book, The Revenue Acceleration Playbook: Creating an Authentic Buyer Journey Across Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success (April 5, 2022, Page Two Books), introduces a framework proven to improve revenue outcomes at every step of the buyer journey by shifting from product-driven selling to authentic conversations.

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