Bruce Tulgan, CEO, RainmakerThinking

The Trouble with Building Relationships at Work

Building relationships is critical to success at any given time at work, especially in today’s workplace.

Don’t Be a Juggler – How to Be Efficient at Work

The goal is not to juggle until you somehow, eventually complete a task or project. The goal is to finish what you start by staying productive and efficient.

When “That” Is Not Your Job

It’s always a good idea to branch out and build new knowledge, skills, wisdom, relationships, experiences, best practices, tools, work products, and repeatable solutions.

Put More Structure into Unstructured Communication

Informal communication—such as ad hoc hallway encounters, lunch dates, quick text updates, or office drop-ins—can be the ultimate tool when you’re asked to “work it out at your own level.”

When Good People Make Bad Decisions—and How to Make Good Ones

Treat every decision about “Yes” and “No” as a choice about investing your time and energy. Like making an investment decision, you should follow a due diligence process.

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