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Chris Ronzio is the founder and CEO of Trainual, a leading SaaS platform that transforms the way small businesses onboard, train and scale teams. After starting and running two successful businesses, Chris realized there was a need for a streamlined organizational tool to help small and fast-growing businesses. In 2018, he founded Trainual in Scottsdale, Ariz., which now serves thousands of businesses across the globe. Chris launched his first business, a video production company, at the age of 14. Under his leadership, the company sold more than $3 million in live event videos and built a network of more than 300 camera operators across the United States before he reached the age of 25. Following that success, he used his experience working with small business owners to start a consulting agency, Organize Chaos. After seeing the operational challenges most organizations were facing, he founded Trainual to help business leaders easily delegate and document so they have time to focus on what they love to do. Chris is an investor, part-owner and board member of five companies, an Inc. Magazine columnist and the author of "100 Hacks To Improve Your Business." He also recently launched the “Organize Chaos” podcast, where he interviews top authors and experts about their strategies and advice to scale teams and companies into powerhouse organizations.

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