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Heidi Carson, CEO of Orglearn and a 19-year veteran in corporate learning, Heidi sees customized organizational learning programs as a much-needed tool to help companies grow, stay competative, and retain workers. “We are careful to fine-tune each program to the specific needs of the company. We teach to real-world situations to impart skills that the learners can put to work immediately.” Orglearn is known for taking a more humanistic approach to workforce development. Training has dual objectives, enhancing a specific skill set, but also promoting personal development and self-improvement. As an added personalized touch, Orglearn conducts follow-up webinars and discussions after each training. This allows the learners a chance to exchange insights and discuss any issues they encountered when putting their newfound skills into practice. Founded in 2008, Orglearn has been recognized as a leading provider of corporate training and development services that are real-time and solution-focused. Orglearn has educated thousands of adult learners in such sectors as automotive, IT industry, New York State, health care, and the hospitality industry. Orglearn has the ability to undertake and manage projects of any size or scope related to the design, development, and delivery of organizational training. Orglearn is proud to be a WBE-certified enterprise by New York State as well as an SBS-certified business in New York City.

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