Margery Weinstein

Margery Weinstein is a contributing editor at Training magazine.

Consider Hiring Ex-Criminal Offenders, But Be Cautious

What is your company’s policy on hiring ex-criminal offenders?

Company Weakness: Train to Disclose and Improve?

What kind of crisis management training does your company offer? Do you teach, or at least discuss, the advantages of an open approach?

Boss’ Anger Control: Limited to Middle and Upper Management?

A report, released last week by AMA Enterprise, a division of American Management Association, reveals that low-level workers take the brunt of many managers’ anger. How do you help ensure adequate manpower is allocated to each area of your company, and how do you train managers to effectively handle a harried environment?

How Useful Are Assessment Tools in the Hiring Process?

Do you use assessment tools in the hiring process in your organization? How do you balance the results of these assessments with what your managers observe and experience in the face-to-face interviews?

In-Office Internet Use: The Case for a Free-for-All

What is your company’s in-office Internet use policy? Do you restrict access, or are high-performing employees free to use the Internet any way they choose?

Cultivating Confidence: 360-Degree Assessment Can Help

How does your company cultivate confident, yet humble, leaders? Are there any leadership books or seminars you can recommend?

Say What? Corporate-Speak Decoder Requested

How do you create meaningful, instructive communications with your employees?

Will that Visionary Plan Work? Better Check with the Board of Execution First

Do you have any ideas you could share for creating a way for companies to assess the viability of executive visionary plans?

What Have You Trained Your Hiring Managers to Value?

How do you train managers to interview job applicants? Do you do role-play exercises to practice interviewing? How do you increase the chances of high-quality new hires?

When It’s a Game, But It Isn’t Fun

Do you offer a learning solution for employees who don’t learn best via games and online simulations?

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