Murad S. Mirza

Murad Salman Mirza is an innovative thinker and an astute practitioner of areas within and associated with the fields of organizational development, talent management, and business transformation. He has lived, studied, and served in different regions of the world, including, the U.S., Australia, South Asia, and the Middle East. His LinkedIn profile can be viewed at:

Reimagining the Chief Experience Officer (CXO) Role for the Digital Age

It is critical for all the key stakeholders—and particularly employees—to be onboard in terms of providing a truly gratifying customer experience.

Understanding the Complexities of Innovation to Gain a Competitive Edge in the Digital Age

Talent management practices need to have the breathing space for free thinkers and trendsetters who are imbued with the change imperative and enrich the organizational aptitude in unconventional ways that boost the core value of innovation effectively.

Are You Effectively Engaging All Influential Ambassadors to Strengthen the Employer Brand?

The path to accomplishing extraordinary/unexpected feats in terms of strengthening the employer brand generally is paved by the mile markers of how well ordinary/expected things are being done.

What Distinguishes Outstanding Employers from Good Employers?

Inculcating an invigorating employee experience within total rewards.

An Overview of Employee Career Dynamics in the Digital Age

As artificial intelligence-enabled entities gain ascendency in the workplace, it becomes incumbent on progressive organizations to muster the courage and honesty to timely redefine/adjust career paths and communicate actual progression prospects to their workforce in advance.

The STREAM Framework for Enabling and Achieving Sustainable HR Agility

It is becoming increasingly critical for leaders of progressive organizations to enable/facilitate the HR function to respond more quickly and effectively to changing employee expectations, workplace disruptions, and business requirements to stay on par with/ahead of competitors.

An Introduction to the HR Agility Scale

HR agility is the capability of the HR function to respond more quickly and effectively to changing employee expectations, workplace disruptions, and business requirements. Therefore, the expectations for the HR function are being elevated to a level where it can keep pace with the evolving demands of the digital world.

An Introduction to the Fear Cognition Scale (FCS) for the Digital Workplace

The adage of survival of the fittest has permeated the digital world with a renewed ferocity. Therefore, it is becoming imperative for mindful professionals to harness their fears and devise effective strategies to chart their careers on a more robust and fruitful course.

An Introduction to Self-Assessing the Employee Experience

The capable professional of today is informed, incisively skilled, and comes with a wealth of knowledge that enables leveraged negotiating targeted to achieve maximum gains within a mutually agreed frame of reference.

Do You Want to Remain Professionally Relevant in the Digital World?

Timely realization of the changing professional landscape due to disruptive innovation and the level of corresponding astute adaptability becomes the core determining factor in realizing the scale of career progression, career stagnation, or career obsolescence for diligent professionals in the foreseeable future.

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