Neal Goodman

Neal Goodman, Ph.D., is president of Global Dynamics, Inc., a training and development firm specializing in globalization, cultural intelligence, effective virtual workplaces, and diversity and inclusion. He can be reached at 305.682.7883 and at For more information, visit:

Unleashing The Hidden Potential Of Your International Talent

Best practices that will enhance international employee engagement, success, and profitability.

International Assignments: The Best Or Worst Of Times?

What Talent and Development leaders can do to avoid the “danger zones” of an international assignment and ensure the success of employees a company sends abroad.

Trade Show Training

The VP of Marketing and Sales from headquarters created an incentive program for the sales staff based on the number of leads attained each day. What could go wrong? Plenty!

Profound Learning: Creating The “Edge Effect”

The “Edge Effect” is the creativity generated where two ecosystems or cultures meet. Like the ocean meeting the land—new life systems and ideas emerge.

Employee Engagement And Training About Power

Considerable attention is being paid to the importance of diversity and inclusion in organizations, yet raising issues regarding power may be seen as a threat by those who benefit from existing power or privilege dynamics.

Proving The Critics Wrong On The Impact Of Diversity Training

Highlighting the results of an in-person program on unconscious bias taken by a CEO and his executive cabinet of 12 men who work at a billion-dollar industrial manufacturing company.

Leadership Competencies For Success

How do we prepare our leaders for today’s world where collaboration with others who may have different worldviews and experiences will be necessary to succeed?

Helping Asian And Western Organizations Work Together

How you build trust, manage people, plan, and make good impressions all are linked to cultural differences—and that’s where training comes in.

Making The Most Of A Train-The-Trainer Program

A look at a model train-the-trainer program, “How to Mitigate Unconscious Bias at Work,” that achieved significant success at a major manufacturing and distribution company.

The Challenge of Virtual Teambuilding

A major biopharmaceutical organization wanted the same results of trust, action items, relationship building, cultural awareness, respect, and understanding from an in-person program to be replicated virtually.

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