Roy Saunderson, MA, CRP

Roy Saunderson, MA, CRP, is author of “GIVING the Real Recognition Way” and Chief Learning Officer at Rideau Recognition Solutions. His consulting and learning skills focus on helping companies “give real recognition the right way wherever they are.” For recognition insights, visit: For more information, e-mail him at or visit

Ramping Up Recognition

How to inspire leaders to be better recognition givers.

What Will Learning Look Like in 2021?

Put upskilling on the priority list for learning and development.

Learning on the Job Ain’t What It Used to Be

Gaining new knowledge and skills in the workplace happens in the flow of work.

How Good Is AI at Improving Training?

Understanding how artificial intelligence works is the first step in figuring out how we can apply it to training.

Getting Ready to Train Generation Z

Learning and development will never be the same again with this generation.

Are You Sinking or Swimming with Leadership Development?

Getting the right things in place to stay on top of developing your leaders.

A Quick Chat About Learning and Chatbots

Educators and trainers should frame the use of chatbot technology as a tool to engage learners with learning more about a topic rather than replacing themselves.

How To Develop Emerging Training Leaders In Your Organization

What it takes to encourage and grow emerging training leaders in your company.

To Create Or Curate: That Is The Question

When presented with a choice between two options, we’re tempted to think “this or that.” But with creating or curating, the best option is to think “and” instead of “or.”

How To Make Your Training More Effective With AI

Pairing artificial intelligence with training can maximize learning impact.

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