Scott Kaplan

Scott Kaplan is the founder and chief coach for sales consulting company Quick Hit Sales Tips. He has been a Go-To-Market (GTM) leader for the last 25 years, where he has developed strategies for Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success teams with tactical implementation plans to drive repeatable and predictable results. He has helped countless board members and executives across multiple industries attack new markets, scale their Go-To-Market teams, integrate acquisitions, and develop best practices for sustainable growth. His passion is to help make great companies better and sales teams excel. He has trained more than 15,000 people on his sales and sales management foundations to provide the skills and resources to ensure sellers succeed and drive growth.

Increasing Sales with a Consistent Referral Program

Sales reps need a strong plan to obtain referrals—one that leverages the different types of referrals they can ask for and use to help close future sales.

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