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Case Study: Allegro Development Utilizes Online Training

Dallas-based Allegro Development is a global leader in developing energy trading and risk management software. Allegro provides customers with agile solutions to manage risk across natural gas, power, coal, crude oil, petroleum products, emissions, and other commodity markets, allowing decision-makers to execute with confidence. Recognizing that possessing industry knowledge is central to the success in the delivery of its offering, Allegro maintains an industry-specific knowledge commitment for its employees in the industries where its customers do business.

How to Create Truly Entertaining Training

By Jeff Havens

Effective Training in the Digital Age

By Jonathan Monterecy, VP, Training, Astonish

Case Study: New Product Training at Unger Global

Unger-Global is a leading provider of professional cleaning solutions that fields a highly trained professional sales team. When Unger launched its nLite commercial window washing system last year at October’s ISAA trade show, it relied on a strong field sales organization using a comprehensive online product sales training platform produced by TechScholar LLC. The Training Challenge

When It Breaks: Tips for Presentation Mishaps

By Kent Sipes, Training, Communications, and Change Management Consultant, Io Consulting “I don’t know why we’re seeing all these pictures of cows!” My boss, the director of the small boy’s home for which I was in charge of public relations, was increasingly frustrated and confused by the images on the screen. His annual presentation to our church, which was supposed to be a narration of significant slides showing vignettes into the work we did with young men in trouble, had been one livestock image after another.

Executive Buy-In: Innovative Ways to Get It and Keep It

By Bonnie Hagemann, CEO, Executive Development Associates, and Steve Terrell, Ed.D., President, Aspire Consulting

How to Create Team Spirit

By David McNally, CEO, TransForm Corporation “A triumph of the human spirit” is the way we describe the achievements of those who have managed to tap into a deep reservoir of potential and possibility. The human spirit is a powerful force that exists within each of us. However, you can’t touch it and you certainly can’t buy it. Spirit may lay dormant in many, but when stirred from its slumber, it inspires great thoughts and great actions.

Beyond Culture in Cross-Border Collaboration

By Terence Brake, Head, Learning & Innovation, TMA World Several years ago, my colleagues and I were asked to help virtual teams operating in a merger between French and Japanese companies. Relationships between the French and Japanese team members were sour, and the productivity outlook was increasingly bleak. Not surprisingly, we were asked to come in and help the teams understand and work with their cultural differences. Given the circumstances, it wasn’t an unreasonable request.

Quicken Loans Banks on Coaching

Edited by Margery Weinstein Quicken Loans has found coaching to be an important training tool. The company’s team of regional mortgage banker coaches runs a program broken down into several initiatives, or “plays,” that promote a culture in which bankers and leaders at all levels continue to learn and sharpen their skills. Key components include:

What Really Matters When It Comes to Performance Reviews

By Hemanth Puttaswamy, Vice President, Product Strategy, Saba

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