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Using Pictures to Train

By Tim Rymel, M.Ed., Owner,

Baylor Health Care Gauges Engagement

By Margery Weinstein

Supercompetent Speaking: Proper Presentation Attire

By Laura Stack, MBA, CSP Most business professionals quickly learn and understand the basics of presentation attire. But I’ve come to the conclusion that a many people suffer from colorblindness, complete lack taste, or else have no idea how to dress professionally. Admittedly, for a few speakers, dysfunctional dress is their shtick (you know who you are). But the rest need a quick review on image on the platform.

Empowering People to Remedy Risk

By Sonia Alvarez-Robinson, Director, and Kevin Alas, Associate, PwC, People & Change Practice

Mindfulness and Training: Take a Breath

By Andrew Mullaney, Curriculum Developer/Trainer, City University of New York School of Professional Studies

Where Does the Customer Experience Begin?

By Norma Jarman, Training Account Manager, Signature Worldwide Many business operators may believe the customer experience begins when the customer arrives at your place of business. However, in reality, the customer experience begins when a customer decides he or she needs a specific service or item you provide.

Engaging Employees With a Healthy Nudge

By Peter Saravis, CEO and Co-Founder, Evive Health One of the fundamental goals of any Human Resources professional is finding the most effective way to motivate employees and to engage them in ways that allow them to be their very best. But central to this simple truth is the reality that employees cannot perform as hoped if they are not healthy. And that puts corporate America at a disadvantage.

Leadership Development: Where Technology and Human Potential Intersect

By Charlotte Jordan, President, The Marcus Buckingham Company

E-Learning ROI Made Easy

By Justin Ferriman, Learning and Collaboration Consultant, Accenture

The Big Picture: The Alignment Framework

By Dr. George H. Labovitz, Founder and CEO, ODI; and Victor Rosansky, Co-Founder and President, LHR International, Inc.

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