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Applying Analytics in the Workplace (Part 1)

Data and talent analytics has the potential to have a significant impact on business results and inform workforce actions in organizations.


The $64,000 Question

Do the answers to the stock job interview question, “What are your strengths and weaknesses?” give a true representation of a candidate’s capabilities and capacity to be trained?

Redesigning the CLO Role

CLOs today must help drive business value, provide visionary thinking, and focus more on results than on input.

Annual Review Under Review

Once the gold standard of tracking employee performance, the annual performance review has lost its luster. Some companies are finding ways to increase its relevance and effectiveness, while others are eliminating it entirely.

Who’s the Boss?

It’s often not the manager these days, as companies are evolving into collaboration-oriented cultures that place less emphasis on hierarchy. But the changing role of managers also means changes in training and organizational mindsets.

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