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5 Steps to Make Ongoing Employee Training Enjoyable

This helps employees, because it makes learning—even learning challenging things—feel approachable. And it helps the team, because everyone is constantly improving.

Using Digital Whiteboard Tools to Level Up Training Experiences

By providing an interactive environment for idea creation and collaboration, digital whiteboards have become essential tools for training leaders looking to foster collaboration and innovation.

Case Study: Government Publishing Office Responds to Pandemic with Human Capital Automation

GPO implemented a new digital learning management system that catered to a variety of learners and provided detailed insights into compliance results in both remote and hybrid environments. 

5 Tips to Help Employees Do Their Best in Proctored Certification Exams

Nerves can derail even the best-prepared learner when taking a test. Here’s how supervisors and HR staff can help employees taking a certification exam that is proctored either online at an in-person testing center

Dipping a Toe into the AI Pool

AI tools are becoming ubiquitous, but most can’t yet deliver the level of detail and various unique aspects of the work that L&D professionals are providing learning content about.

Leaders: Ask. Don’t Tell.

It is critical for leaders to model the behavior of questioning by making it safe to ask questions in ways that produce results. Reward the asking of questions so questioning becomes a habit.

A 6-Step Process to Show the Value of Training

Bringing a culture of accountability to learning and development to make sure your training delivers impact and ROI.

What Trainers Can Learn from 2022 and Previous Elections

Problems should be addressed holistically if we’re to have any sense of confidence in our solutions. Training is often the answer, and almost always part of the answer.

New Products and Services (June 2023)

The latest products and services launching in the training industry.

New Training Partnerships and Alliances (June 2023)

The latest training industry mergers, acquisitions, partnerships, and more.

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