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Tech Talk (June 2023)

Find out about the latest advances in training technology.

Balancing Safety and Surprise in Virtual Training

People must feel safe, psychologically and physically, in order to learn. But sprinkling in a little surprise can go a long way toward engagement in virtual training.

Using Personality Assessments to Develop Your People and Build Stronger Teams

Personality assessments can be vital in growing your teams into more collaborative and innovative groups, which can lead to more revolutionary outputs and more sustainable companies.

Reinventing Learning in a Remote Workforce

Adjusting the 70/20/10 professional development model, perhaps closer to a 50/25/25 model. This could utilize the same technology that ushered in our new era of work and create more achievable benchmarks for in-person coaching.

How the Right Corporate Training Helps You Meet Your Business Goals

3 common corporate goals and some training tactics you can use to pursue and measure them.

Case Study: How a Pharma Company Built a Connected Learning Ecosystem Through Play

KeepWOL’s game-centric talent development platform uses live multiplayer Web-based games, AI technology, and end-to-end learning integration to deeply understand employees, improve soft skills, build inclusive teams, and revitalize corporate culture.

4 Tips for Running Practice Activities that Increase Employee Confidence

We need to move away from lecture-based training and incorporate more practice activities into our training.

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