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Get More Done In or Out of the Office

By Jason W. Womack, MEd, MA You’ve no doubt heard of ROWE (Results Only Work Environment). For many people, this has meant they can work from anywhere. As long as they get their work done, it’s OK to not come into the office.

How-To: Integrate Customer Service and Applications Training

By Kent Sipes, Senior Consultant, CedarCrestone In customer service offices around the world, employees interact with customers, then intently study their computer screens, then interact with customers again. Often, the switch from customer to screen and back is awkward, and most customer service professionals are more comfortable dealing with people than with computers. There’s often a tendency to do all the “computer” work, then all the “people” work.

Face Time Still Rules

Most people think they will get their next job thanks to in-person networking, according to a poll of nearly 600 U.S. and Canadian workers by Right Management, the talent and career management expert within ManpowerGroup. Whether currently employed or unemployed, half of those surveyed expect that person-to-person networking is how they will find their next position, while 1 in 5 thinks it will come from a posting on an Internet job board. How do you think you will find your next position?

Last Word: Embrace Social Media Carefully

By Peter Post, Director, The Emily Post Institute Are companies really embracing social media? It appears so. The average midsize or large company (1,000 employees or more) has 178 “social media assets,” according to the Business2Community Website. That means that, on average, 178 individuals are tweeting, blogging, or posting on behalf of their organizations on company social media outlets.

Why Training?

By Bruce Tulgan When it comes to the business of training, how do you make the business case for training?

No More Bored Meetings

By Marc Hequet Rob Bellmar sprinted for home, glancing over his shoulder to check for the throw. That’s when he stepped on the bat in the base path and blew out his right quadriceps leg muscle. He learned something, though. About meetings. The softball injury last June meant that Bellmar, senior vice president at InterCall, had to phone in for a meeting a few days later, rather than attend in person.

Training Today: Partnerships and Alliances (Mar/Apr 2013)

>>Convey Health Solutions, a specialty health-care business process outsourcing firm, selected Mzinga’s OmniSocial Learning to power its internal employee collaboration, training and communication initiatives, and expand into a community for customer experience and support.

Soapbox: Quality vs. Quantity

By D’Anna Flowers, IT Training Manager, Accretive Health, Inc.

Training Today: Products and Services (Mar/Apr 2013)

>> Led by CEO Bonnie Hagemann, Executive Development Associates launched Online Reference Check. The simple automated system provides objective, comprehensive feedback for employees, contractors, tenants, and more in three to five minutes. >> Porter and Chester Institute launched Career EDGE, an online career training tool that provides students with guidance in securing a job after completing their selected training programs. Career EDGE offers interactive resume building, interviewing tips, career search programs, and a video library of advice and information.

Soapbox: You Should Be in Pictures

By Diane De Re, President, 321 FastDraw Inc. Since the dawn of time, mankind has used images to communicate. From the El Castillo cave in Cantabria, Spain, with artwork of bison, horses, aurochs, and deer painted on the cave walls by our ancestors nearly 40,000 years ago, to ancient Egypt as far back as 3200 B.C. where hieroglyphs were used as a writing system, it is clear that the use of artwork is one of our most basic and powerful forms of communication, seemingly hardwired into our genetics.

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