Ownership and accountability with Jen Long

In the Hot Seat: Jen Long on using accountability and ownership to become a better leader

Andy’s guest is Jen Long. She is a certified master coach and the CEO of Management Possible, a leadership development company providing coaching for leaders and managers across various disciplines. For nearly four decades, she’s worked with leaders of every strip–from newly minted managers to the seasoned vets of the C-suite.

Jen is big on personal accountability, and she pushes the leaders she works with to be great and accountable for their actions. As a certified master coach and master trainer, she’s helped countless leaders master essential skills, earn the respect of their employees, and perform at a higher level. The methodology behind Management Possible elevates the idea that conversation and relationships are the prime movers of impact and culture. Jen Long is also the author of the new book Own Up! How to Hold People Accountable Without All the Drama and co-host of the podcast Organization Transformation Kung Fu.