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Ownership and accountability with Jen Long

In the Hot Seat: Jen Long on using accountability and ownership to become a better leader

Understanding what motivates people with Will Mahon

In the Hot Seat: Will Mahon on what motivates people in your organization

Using “stay” conversations to inform talent programs with Liz Heathwood

In the Hot Seat: Liz Heathwood on the importance of discussions between a leader and a direct report in order to learn more about the employee

Six important trends in professional development with Al Dea

In the Hot Seat: Al Dea on furthering your career and building a personal brand

A modern approach to performance management with Karina Napuri

In the Hot Seat: Karina Napuri on how to revamp performance reviews in your organization

The role of higher education in lifelong learning with Dean Geoffrey Garrett

In the Hot Seat: Dean Geoff Garrett on the importance of executive education and continuous learning

How to create an environment where people can do their best work with Shana...

In the Hot Seat: Shana Sharan on the main components required to create a productive work environment

The core learning technology roadmap with Marsha Parker from Ford

In the Hot Seat: Dr. Marsha Parker on her core technology roadmap.

Creating great virtual learning programs and cultures with Andrew Barry

In the Hot Seat: Andrew Barry on the 3 components of virtual learning programs that you can apply today.

Promotions are so yesterday with Julie Winkle Giulioni

In the Hot Seat: Julie Winkle Giulioni on other ways to grow outside of the promotion mindset

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