Using “stay” conversations to inform talent programs with Liz Heathwood

In the Hot Seat: Liz Heathwood on the importance of discussions between a leader and a direct report in order to learn more about the employee

Andy’s guest is Liz Heathwood, a talent and HR expert and a global people strategy lead at EY, formerly known as Ernst & Young, the global professional services firm. Liz is based in Brisbane, Australia, and leads strategic talent projects for the strategy and transaction service line of EY. She’s an expert in talent strategy, talent development, learning and development, transformation and change, as well as talent and change management. More recently, Liz Heathwood’s role straddles both talent and learning and development, working with the business to design, deploy, and then manage the global communications around new talent and learning initiatives.

In this interview, Liz shares what “stay” interviews for leaders are and how they’re affecting career development and upscaling within the company. She also explains why these conversations need to feel like a safe space and remain anonymous so that employees can feel comfortable sharing their thoughts.