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4 Key Factors Contributing to the Increasing Complexity of Change

Change can be enticing, liberating, galvanizing, promising, and/or rejuvenating for those with an accommodative mindset. On the other hand, it also can trigger feelings of foreboding, vulnerability, intimidation, unjustness, and/or retribution for those with an apprehensive disposition.

Will We Fly Blind into the Future of Work?

The world needs “an integrated information strategy” to respond to dramatic shifts in technology and labor markets. One key element of this strategy would be a public-private collaboration to develop new tools for measuring and monitoring technology, jobs, and skills.

Tech Talk (May/June 2017)

Find out about the latest advances in training technology.

The Promise and Peril of Big Data

Are leaders paying appropriate attention?

Top 10 Workplace Trends in 2017

There will be a greater emphasis on real-time feedback, daily manager-employee relationships, and the need for managers to acquire the skills to coach employees.

Goodbye, Group E-Learning

Let’s create collaborative classrooms in Slack.

5 Trends That Could Disrupt the Learning Industry

Corporate universities need to transform themselves into digital-centric organizations to stay relevant in the coming years.

Future Focus

Meeting next-generation workforce, learner, and L&D delivery system needs.

November 2016’s Top Reads

More than 11,000 business books are published every year—an overwhelming choice for busy professionals. Therefore, in partnership with getAbstract, Training brings you November’s top three business books recommended to our readers.

Artificial Intelligence, Personality, and HR

An artificial intelligence tool that analyzes text written by individuals whose personality you are interested in may prove useful, but we should not get carried away. No one tool should guide our decisions in recruiting, developing, and retaining employees.

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